In this new world, we have to change the way we work and build our business for the new normal and social distancing. With the advances in technology and cloud computing the world has become a small place and you are now able to access and try out facilities and services in real time.
NSD Marketing is an international B2B Marketing Agency with a key focus on offshore outsourcing. We specialise in three main sectors:

  • Lead Generation
  • Data Capture
  • Back office & workflow

We have our own call centre and have access to the best call centres across Asia and the Middle East to help us with the ever-increasing demand from western companies to streamline their business’ without affecting service or productivity whilst driving growth at the same time.
NSD Marketing provides this bridge across the minefield that international outsourcing can be. We have a carefully thought out infrastructure to control all sites under our banner. This includes centralised, standalone data capture and quality control centres to maximize lead quality. We have secure CRM and dialler services to protect valuable information and comply with data protection requirements. We also carry out regular audits on all centres to ensure best practice is maintained, any prolonged negligence in this respect results in a temporary suspension from our network until the issue is rectified.
We believe that due to our extensive knowledge and understanding of this sector we are able to place any outbound campaign with the relevant centre to obtain optimum results for you the client.
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